Brian Duffy​​​​

Brian Duffy

Where does time go? It is hard to believe that I have been drawing cartoons here in Iowa for thirty-two years. The first twenty-five was as the last front-page cartoonist in the nation. In 2009, the editor at the time decided, rather arbitrarily, to do away with the paper’s popular tradition that stretched back over a century, to Ding Darling.

I did not get mad I got even. Upon the advice and assistance of some of the best journalists in the state, I went about setting up my own syndicate to provide cartoons on Iowa issues to newspapers all across the state of Iowa. To date the list of those outstanding newspapers stretch river to river.

My national cartoons continue to appear in newspapers and on websites nationwide through King Features.

If any paper could be called my home now it would be Cityview Des Moines locally owned alternative newspaper that gives me a full page to fill any way I want.

I would argue that editorial cartoonists have been some of the most innovative producers of content today. I have started producing gif animation during the days of dial-up and more recently short movies, which have appeared on KCCI, a local CBS affiliate, and now KCWI.